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Building & Development Permit Guidelines

What is the difference between Building Permits & Development Permits?

Development Permits are required for minor projects such as windows, siding, fences and minor interior renovations under a $5000 value.

Development Permits are also required for farm accessory buildings such as sheds and shops under 6400 square feet, as well as grain bins, grain dryers etc.

Building Permits are required for bigger projects such as houses, garages, decks, commercial buildings, residential projects and major interior renovations over $5000 value.

Why is a Building or Development Permit Required?

These permits are documents which grant permission to begin construction of a building project.  They are required in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public by providing the means for the Municipality of Roblin to ensure the necessary officials review the project design and inspect the construction for minimum standards as required by the Manitoba Codes, as well as ensure the projects meet Zoning and Development By-Law requirements.  Failure to receive an approved Permit could result in the Owner's costs for By-Law infractions, non-code compliance, Engineer inspections, Orders of Remediation/Removal and Legal action by the Municipality.

What Information is Required when Applying for a Permit?

-Land title information or proof of ownership.

-Description of the project including proposed use and size to determine if it meets Zoning requirements or if a Conditional Use is required.

-Site plan which indicates where on the property the structure is going including distances in feet to all property lines, to determine if a Variance is required.

-Other Information that may be required, depending upon the project:

  • Survey certificate may need to be provided if the location of property lines are unsure or disputed,
  • Manitoba Engineer's Designed and Stamped Plans,
  • Electrical and Plumbing Drawings,
  • Deck and Step Plans,
  • Lot grading and Drainage Plans; and
  • General Contractor and Sub-Contractor list.

Check with the Planning Department to determine what the requirements are for your project.

NOTE:  The Municipality has a number of different Zones as per the Zoning By-Laws, so it's important to check your Zoning to ensure your development meets all Zoning Requirements in regards to allowable and conditional uses as well as setback requirements.